23 Jan 2024

SAU Receives $1,500 Food Donation from Mother Edna Ballentine in Honor of Former Dean Charles H. Boyer

Mother Edna Ballentine next to portrait of grandfather, Charles H. Boyer

Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) is pleased to announce the generous food donation of $1,500 worth of items to the SAU Student Pantry in the Boyer Building from Mother Edna Ballentine, the granddaughter of the esteemed former Dean Charles H. Boyer. This significant donation to celebrate Mother Ballentine’s 80th birthday exemplifies her commitment to supporting the university and giving back to the students.

In honor of her milestone birthday, Mother Edna Ballentine made a heartfelt request for her family, guests, and members of her church to contribute food and non-perishable items to the SAU Student Pantry located in the Boyer Building, named after her beloved grandfather, Dean Charles H. Boyer. The total value of the donated items amounted to $1,500, reflecting Mother Ballentine’s desire to make a meaningful and impactful contribution to the SAU community.

The Ballentine family has a long and cherished history with Saint Augustine’s University, and Mother Edna Ballentine expressed her joy in giving back to the students to continue the legacy and tradition of her family’s connection with the university. She fondly reminisced about her relatives, including her mother, who attended school and worked at SAU, emphasizing the deep-rooted ties that bind her family to the institution.

Upon receiving the generous donation, Mrs. Joyce Bannerman, Director of Testing & International Student Services at Saint Augustine’s University, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Mother Edna Ballentine for her kind and selfless gesture. Mrs. Ballentine was honored with a special gift and a card signed by the university’s faculty, staff, and students, reflecting the genuine appreciation and gratitude the entire SAU community felt.

Dr. Charles H. Boyer teaching Sadie Delany

About Charles H. Boyer:
Dean Charles H. Boyer, a distinguished figure in the history of Saint Augustine’s University, made significant contributions to the institution during his tenure. A graduate of Yale University, Dean Boyer became the first African-American Dean at SAU, serving as a professor of Greek and Mathematics. He is also the father of Dr. James A. Boyer, the 8th President of Saint Augustine’s University. His remarkable dedication spanned forty years, during which he played a pivotal role in establishing the first athletic programs at the college. Notably, he was instrumental in organizing and participating in football and baseball activities and introducing the iconic school colors, “Blue & White.”

Dean Boyer also held prominent leadership positions, including serving as the president of the St. Augustine’s Missionary Society and the North Carolina Intercollegiate Athletic Association from 1918 to 1921. He remains a revered figure in the annals of SAU history, leaving an indelible legacy through his tireless commitment to academic excellence and institutional advancement.

Saint Augustine’s University sincerely appreciates Mother Edna Ballentine for her generous donation and unwavering support, which embodies the spirit of compassion, community, and philanthropy that defines the SAU family.